Smart Homes

Smart Homes are becoming increasingly popular

Have you thought about making your home "SMART"?

Its easier than you think!

With so many products such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Google Nest its easier than ever to be able to control your home from CCTV to your heating

Control your heating

With many products out there to use, you can control your homes heating remotely by changing what times it is set to come on and off.

The Nest thermostat for example will learn over time what temperature you prefer to use, learn how long it takes to heat your home and turn itself down when no one is home!

See who's knocking

Brands like Ring and Nest have great video doorbells with 2 way audio so you can see who's at your front door and be able to talk to them, Great for delivery's and security

Smart Lighting

Control your lights with your phone or voice using brands such as Google or Amazon

Smart CCTV

Get notifications of movement on your property to you phone or tablet